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About us

Get To Know Us & Where It All Began


On the vast land of the United States, there is a group of people who love nature and outdoor life. They are hunters, pursuing freedom, excitement, and adventure. However, they also face some challenges. Some people are deterred by high costs and are unable to fully enjoy this passion. We see this problem and decide to create a brand, a brand that allows every hunter to enjoy the outdoor life at a low cost.


Our brand is called "DRYCODE," symbolizing the spirit of wild adventure and shared pursuit. Our mission is to provide hunters with cost-effective hunting boots, allowing them to explore nature freely and enjoy unique outdoor experiences.

OUR Concept

The concept of the DRYCODE brand is simple and clear: to provide high-quality hunting boots for every hunter while maintaining an affordable price. To achieve this concept, we collaborate with professional manufacturers to carefully design and produce hunting boots, using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure product quality and performance. We pay attention to every detail, from waterproof performance to comfortable lining, from abrasion-resistant outsoles to reliable support structures. We strive to provide the best user experience.


Whether you are a young novice hunter, a retired outdoor enthusiast, or a budget-conscious hunter, DRYCODE is committed to providing them with a low-cost, high-quality choice, allowing them to fully enjoy the outdoor life. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue nature and share the beauty of the outdoors.

Join DRYCODE and embark on a wild adventure with us!

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